My First FB Live Video

Ladies and Gentlemen!

For your entertainment – my very first live Facebook video! dsc_0165-4It is a hoot!  The words are backwards, I had to stall while it found my audience, and I got so excited when I saw someone was watching!  There really is some content though!  I show you how to alter a stamp – in this case it was for a “What does the Fox say?” card.  It’s not very long so the torture won’t last, but I thought you’d get a kick out of it!  I promise I’ll get better!  It might be fun to do one of these on a regular basis – how about Lunch with Lynda?  We’ll see.  Let me know what you think at  Meanwhile, enjoy!  Just click the link below.


Lynda Falconer, Stampin’ Up Demonstrator

First FB Video – Altering a Stamp

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