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joy notepad

Do you need an inexpensive yet priceless small gift or party favor?  These festive note pads started as $ .25 little spirals.  They are easy to make and affordable enough to make for a group such as a   class of students!  When I taught third grade I used them as personal dictionaries for each child.  We labeled a page or two for each letter of the alphabet.  Then when a child needed to know how to spell a word, they wrote it in their dictionary on the page for the letter it started with.  Then they always knew where to find it if they needed to spell the same word again.

IMG_5964 (2)

I used mine for Christmas Lists this year with a page for each person I needed gifts for.  The spiral is hidden with the scrapbook paper but still functions perfectly.  Just be sure not to get any adhesive on the spiral itself.  The decoration possibilities are endless! The Home for Christmas Designer Series Paper gave both projects a vintage look.

Complete instructions for all Twelve Days of Christmas projects are free and available at  Just subscribe to my newsletter at that sight.  You will be sent a confirmation email which you need to respond to and you’ll be all set.  I’ll be emailing links to all PDF files for the 12 Christmas projects this week.

We have a scrap club that meets monthly and this project was selected as one of their favorites.  We’ll be making them at the Christmas Party this week!   I’ll try to get a picture so you can see more examples.   Hope you enjoy!

Happy HoHo Crafting,

Lynda Falconer



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